Lint That Builds up in Your Dryer Vent Can Be Dangerous

That’s why all clothes dryer manufacturers recommend regular inspection and maintenance of dryer exhaust systems. SafeSmart Dryer Vent Services offers several options to keep your dryer efficient, effective, and safe.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

We begin by measuring the current airflow in your dryer vent. Then we thoroughly clean the vent—from the back of your dryer all the way to the roof or outside wall—with professional-grade brushes and vacuum suction. We also vacuum behind and beneath the dryer, leaving the area clean and dust-free. You’ll be able to see an improvement right away. In most cases, your dryer will run cooler and dry clothes faster.

Dryer Cabinet Cleaning

We inspect and clean inside your dryer’s cabinet, where lint build up can fuel a fire. Fires start inside the dryer cabinet, not in the vent, so this is an important part of our services on most jobs. We also clean the lint screen, lint chute under the screen, and the moisture sensor if applicable. Visible components are inspected while cleaning inside the cabinet.

Duct Upgrade

If the duct that connects your dryer to the wall is poorly positioned or made of the wrong material, it can become a hazard as lint builds up. We inspect your duct and if needed, recommend the installation of our top-rated fire-resistant duct, to improve airflow and minimize your risk.

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